Raising the Standard for Service...



Validus Construction offers a wealth of expertise in managing multi-faceted projects from preconstruction to groundbreaking through completion. From the very

beginning stages of planning to Certificate of Occupancy, Validus Construction is able to manage construction projects every step of the way.

The company addresses the unique characteristics of each project and is flexible to adapt to customer needs by offering a full

portfolio of services, including:

  • Design Build
  • Construction Management
  • Commercial Construction: Hospitality, Restaurant, Retail, Entertainment, Grocery, Theme-Park, Mixed Use, Multi-Family and More
  • Pre-Construction Services: A&E, Design Review, Constructibilty Review, Value Engineering, Planning and Implementation



 General Contracting is a competitive business that focuses on cost control, planning and scheduling, quality assurance/control and project safety; all while placing

the client’s needs and expectations at the forefront. Our dependability in the construction industry while maintaining the client’s expectations is of the utmost

importance. VCS Construction Services prides itself on successfully delivering the highest quality craftsmanship, on schedule and below budget, to a wide variety

of clients.


 Design Build service allows us to partner with the client from conceptual stages and work together to execute a seamless project. In comparison to the

“design-bid-build”, the design and construction aspects are contracted with a single firm. The design-builder is usually the contractor and design professionals

are typically retained directly by the contractor. The design-builder strives to bring together design and construction professionals in a collaborative environment

to complete these tasks in an overlapping fashion - whereas the construction begins while the building is still being designed - ultimately minimizing the project

risk for an owner and reducing the delivery schedule.